Fundamentals of HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript for Data Visualization

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This free course is intended to bring you up to speed with HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript if you’re wanting to build web-based data visualisations using D3.

The course contains clear explanations on HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript together with interactive CodePen examples. (This allows you to experiment with the code yourself without having to set anything up.)

This course covers the following:

Intro to HTML Intro to SVG Intro to CSS Variables
Basic elements SVG elements Rules, selectors and declarations Data types
Transforms Size and colour units Arrays
CSS properties Objects
Classes and ids Operators
Descendant selectors Conditionals
Pseudo classes Iteration
Grouping selectors Functions

In addition there are lessons on getting set up with the tools (code editor, web browser and web server) used for front-end web development.

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